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Peter Janci says this about his work with survivors of child abuse: "There are a number of lies that perpetrators tell victims to stay silent: “People won’t believe you” – – – “It’s your fault” – – – “You don’t deserve to be helped.” It’s amazing to see the positive transformation that can occur after victims come to a place where they can accept that these are lies and accept the truth – – – “This happened! – – – “It wasn’t my fault!” – – – “I was only a kid – and I deserved to be respected and protected by adults!”  

That is usually the moment where we come in. We come alongside in a supportive role, to help in the healing – to help survivors tell their story and be believed. And we give them the support they need to stand up and speak the truth to some of the largest and most revered institutions in the world.  These survivors are the ones helping ensure that patterns of abuse and coverup are stopped. They are the ones protecting the next generations of children. They are the heroes. I am honored to work with them." – Peter Janci Peter’s practice centers on representing victims of childhood sexual abuse against perpetrators and institutions that fostered abuse – including the Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts of America, the Mormon Church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints), the Seventh-day Adventist Church, schools, and a number of other religious, civic, and educational institutions.

In Spring of 2010, Peter served as part of the Plaintiff’s trial team in Kerry Lewis v. Boy Scouts of America — a child sexual abuse trial in Portland, Oregon that resulted in a $19.9 million verdict for the Plaintiff. Peter has also helped negotiate dozens of significant settlements for other survivors of child abuse. Peter has presented continuing legal education seminars on mandatory child abuse reporting. He has also co-authored a law review article with partners Kelly Clark and Kristian Roggendorf, entitled “Of Compelling Interest: The Intersection of Religious Freedom and Civil Liability in the Priest Sex Abuse Cases,” 85 Oregon Law Review 481 (2006). For more information on Peter Janci, see: http://OandC.com

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