Florida Teacher Accused of Molesting Students Worked at Schools Across the State

Anthony Salvo (image credit: Orange Co. Jail)

Anthony Salvo (image credit: Orange Co. Jail)

A Florida teacher named Anthony Salvo was recently arrested for allegedly molesting students; he is currently being held without bond. His charges include...

“Jenny’s Law” Would Extend the Statute of Limitations for Sexual Assault Prosecutions in Indiana

Brenda Tracy and Jenny Wendt Ewing (image credit: Oregonian)

Brenda Tracy and Jenny Wendt Ewing (image credit: Oregonian)

Indiana and Oregon have two of the shortest statutes of limitation for rape prosecution in the nation. Currently, prosecutors...

LDS Church Responds to Their Role in Boy Scouts Sex Abuse Allegations

"The Scoutmaster"  by Norman Rockwell (image credit: Wikipedia)

“The Scoutmaster” by Norman Rockwell (image credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, CNN reporters Scott Zamost and Kyra Phillips broke a story...

Employees of Seventh Day Adventist Boarding School, Miracle Meadows, Face Child Abuse Charges


Tim Arrington of Miracle Meadows School

Miracle Meadows, a Seventh Day Adventist-sponsored boarding school in West Virginia, was recently closed due to allegations of student abuse by at least one of its employees, Timothy Arrington, and...

FERPA, HIPAA and the University of Oregon’s Lawful Invasion of a Student Sexual Assault Survivor’s Privacy

Univ. of Oregon's Dana Altman (image credit: wikipedia)

Univ. of Oregon’s Dana Altman (image credit: wikipedia)

Previously, we blogged about how the University of Oregon accessed a student sexual assault survivor’s therapy records in December of...

Sexual Abuse and Assault: It’s Never the Victim’s Fault

Montana Judge Todd Baugh

Montana Judge Todd Baugh

Last year, the Montana Supreme Court ordered a one-month suspension of District Judge G. Todd Baugh “for perpetuating the stereotype that women and girls are responsible for sexual...

Three New Sexual Abuse Victims Bring Allegations Against Warrenton Chiropractor Dr. Adam Lopez

Dr. Adam Lopez

Dr. Adam Lopez was convicted for sexual abuse

Dr. Adam Lopez, a 59 year-old chiropractor from Warrenton, Oregon has been sitting in the Clatsop County Jail since July on charges that he sexually...

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