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The Work Goes On, the Cause Endures, the Hope Still Lives, and the Dream Shall Never Die

1525759_597882106927828_1915006526_nThe last few weeks have been difficult ones for our law firm.  We lost a great man and a great lawyer.  He was a champion for the survivors of childhood sexual abuse.  As...

When Women Abuse

While the majority of sexual abuse cases involving minors are perpetrated by adult males, there is a concerning growth in the number of women who are accused of sexually abuse. 

While these cases are generally considered to be underreported, www.wbir.com, a Memphis media outlet,...

Newark Priest Opts to Leave Priesthood in Light of Violation of Sex Abuse Court Order

Rev. Michael Fugee, a priest of the Newark Archdiocese, has opted for laicization rather than face criminal contempt charges that he violated a court order to stay away from minors.  The court order stems from an agreement between Fugee, the Newark Archdiocese,and the Bergen County Prosecutor’s...

Oregon Sex Offender Registry Needs to be Revamped

Oregon has 25,000 registered sex offenders, the second highest per capita in the nation.  Yet, only 2.5% of them are listed on a state database, according to the Argus Observer.  Malheur County, for example, has 321 registered sex offenders, the second-highest rate of registered...

Governor Brown Turns His Back On Children

Saturday was a sad day for all survivors of childhood sexual abuse in California.  Governor Jerry Brown, succumbing to an intense and well-financed lobbying effort from private institutions including the Catholic Church, vetoed Senate Bill 131 which would have provided abuse survivors an opportunity to seek...

California Catholic Conference Leading the Fight Against Child Victims’ Act

Perhaps it’s because they are better funded than the YMCA, the Boy Scouts of America, or the Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormons), but one thing is very clear-the fight to stop Governor Jerry Brown from signing into law the Child Victim’s Act has been led by the...

Bicoastal Shock and Awe from the Pope

Given his penchant for six months of papal surprises, it really shouldn’t come as a huge shock that Pope Francis has made two US episcopal appointments that may change the landscape in their respective dioceses.  

This morning, Pope Francis will make public his decision to...

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