Boy Scout Ineligible Volunteer Files (Perversion Files) (1965 – 1985)


The information contained in the ineligible volunteer (“IV”) files is being made public pursuant to a court order from The Honorable John Wittmayer, Multnomah County Circuit Judge for the State of Oregon, in the case of Lewis vs. Boy Scouts of America, Case No. 0710-11294. The Oregon Supreme Court upheld the ruling on June 14th, 2012.

By the terms of Judge Wittmayer’s order, the names and contact information of persons identified as victims of sexual abuse and those that reported the abuse were redacted. If the person identified as an abuse reporter was a professional Scouter, i.e., an individual employed by the Boy Scouts of America or an affiliate, then the name was not redacted.

The information in the IV files concerns allegations of child sexual abuse. In a number of the cases, the allegations were later substantiated by court proceedings. However, in a great many cases no such substantiation ever occurred. Consequently, the law firm of O’Donnell Clark and Crew LLP and any agent or representative thereof, make no representations or suggestions that any of the allegations in these files are in every case true. In fact, we are in no position to verify or attest to the truth of these allegations as they were compiled by the Boy Scouts of America. The incidents reported in these documents attest to notice of potential child abuse given to the Boy Scouts of America and its affiliates and their response to that notice.

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Last First Date State City Link
Andrews Zachary D.(Sgt.) 5/4/1961 Alabama Montgomery Download PDF
Atkinson Bernard Colie 12/4/1969 Alabama Alexander City Download PDF
Brooks Don 8/29/1983 Alabama Mobile Download PDF
Francis Allan R. 8/22/1981 Alabama Unknown Download PDF
McDonald Charles Jerris 10/20/1970 Alabama Weaver Download PDF
Midgette Benjamin Franklin 9/10/1965 Alabama Mobile Download PDF
Partain Ricky Carl 9/7/1984 Alabama Birmingham Download PDF
Stabler Lemmie Clyde Sr. 1/9/1968 Alabama Birmingham Download PDF
Swindel George W. Jr. 3/9/1983 Alabama Tuscaloosa Download PDF
Armstrong Gerald T. 9/14/1961 Alaska Unknown Download PDF
Burns Kenneth A. Jr. 9/28/1983 Alaska Eielson AFB Download PDF
Dollar Don H. 1/17/1984 Alaska Fairbanks Download PDF
Goodwin Elmer 10/15/1965 Alaska Kotzebue Download PDF
Kirkpatrick Richard B. 12/12/1963 Alaska Juneau Download PDF
Lewis Jerry Wayne 11/27/1984 Alaska Homer Download PDF
Rarick Kenneth R. 12/16/1982 Alaska Fairbanks Download PDF
Blum Jon Michael 10/14/1971 Arizona Phoenix Download PDF
Coakley Br. Edmund 9/30/1980 Arizona Phoenix Download PDF
Coakley Robert J. 9/30/1980 Arizona Phoenix Download PDF
Cummings William S. 7/16/1984 Arizona Tucson Download PDF
Davis Donald Leo 3/16/1975 Arizona Scottsdale Download PDF
Ellington David Joseph 1/13/1972 Arizona Phoenix Download PDF
Falk Henry 6/15/1988 Arizona Phoenix Download PDF
Fousse George 5/11/1966 Arizona Tucson Download PDF
Frederick Lee 10/17/1966 Arizona Phoenix Download PDF
Freeman Gleston 5/3/1965 Arizona Winslow Download PDF
Gonzales Gilbert M. 10/24/1966 Arizona Tempe Download PDF
Harper Ralph R. 5/10/1973 Arizona Cortaro Download PDF
Harper Sonny 5/10/1973 Arizona Cortaro Download PDF
Hoffmeyer William A. 12/2/1968 Arizona Flagstaff Download PDF
Metzger Arthur Robert 9/5/1967 Arizona Phoenix Download PDF
Olson Frederick Daniel 11/30/1966 Arizona Glendale Download PDF
Patterson Dwight Reed 7/24/1962 Arizona Tucson Download PDF
Perdue Barney A. 7/31/1969 Arizona Lake Havasu City Download PDF
Sargent Thomas George 5/8/1970 Arizona Phoenix Download PDF
Tally Edgar S. 5/16/1977 Arizona Phoenix Download PDF
Taylor Wylie Jonathan 3/5/1963 Arizona Phoenix Download PDF
Vaughn Miles S. 1/12/1981 Arizona Tucson Download PDF
Webb Eric Bruce 5/27/1963 Arizona Tucson Download PDF
Wilbur Frank 11/23/1965 Arizona Tucson Download PDF
Huntzicker Eugene 9/25/1981 Arkansas Blytheville Download PDF
Magar Dewey Eugene 8/6/1985 Arkansas Little Rock Download PDF
Adams William Dale Jr. 1970/11/00 California Chula Vista Download PDF
Anglin Clifford H. 1/25/1961 California San Diego Download PDF
Ardrey Richard H. 8/17/1983 California Riverside Download PDF
Bagration Alan David Peter 7/18/1977 California Santa Monica Download PDF
Barkley Owen Herbert 10/15/1963 California San Diego Download PDF
Barrett Robert Louis 8/6/1969 California La Puente Download PDF
Blankenship Wyman C. 1/2/1969 California Palmdale Download PDF
Boudreaux Joseph D. 5/28/1965 California Santa Rosa Download PDF
Boyd John C. 2/1/1963 California Riverside Download PDF
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