Memories of Gerald “Jerry” Dimmitt?

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Last summer, we filed a lawsuit against the Boy Scouts of America on behalf of one of our courageous clients, who is proceeding in this case under the pseudonym H.T.   H.T.’s complaint alleges that, as a young boy, he was sexually abused by Gerald “Jerry” Dimmitt, who was acting as a Scout Leader in the Boy Scouts of America’s Sea Scout program in Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon.

The complaint alleges that Dimmitt used the Sea Scouting program to“groom” H.T. (i.e., gaining the boy’s trust and preparing him for abuse).  Through the grooming, the complaint alleges that Dimmitt was able to molest and sexually abuse H.T. on multiple occasions in the mid-1980s.

Here is Mr. Dimmitt’s youtube channel.

The Boy Scouts have a long history of sexual abuse throughout the organization.  The Sea Scouts is no exception, and we have represented other victims of abuse in Sea Scouting. [LINK:]

Child abuse thrives in secret. If you have information about Gerald “Jerry” Dimmitt, his activities in the Boy Scouts, or the problem of sexual abuse within Scouting (generally), please email me at or call 503.274.1170.


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